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Hi I have accidentally registered with my personal email for my subscription. Could you please delete "Priyatno’s Organization’? and continue with “Firman Khristian’s Organization”?

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Hey @Priyatno,
You can go to Profile > Billing and switch your subscription to “Firman Khristian’s Organization” if you already have this subscription in place and you’ve received an invite.
Check out this guide for more information on subscription: Subscription | yellow.ai

Hey @Pratik, Thanks for your reply. Noted on this, I just need to switch the subscription to ‘Firman Khristian’s Organization’. However, is it possible to remove ‘Priyatno’s Organization’ from my account? Thanks much!

Currently, it’s not possible to delete the subscription. However, it’s a free basic subscription so you won’t be charged for that.

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