Academy Day 1 Session Recording & Slide deck

Thank you all for attending the day 1 session of the Academy. For those who couldn’t attend the live session, you can watch the recorded session here: Game of Bots 2.0 Academy - Day 1 - YouTube

You can also access the slide deck of the day 1 session here: Day 1 - The Platform Foundation v2.0.pdf - Google Drive

Excited to see you all again at today’s session at 5:30 PM IST.

Signing out!
– Pratik Parmar

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Thank you @Pratik It was a wonderful and insightful session. Looking forward to many more sessions like that. :+1:

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We’re glad you liked the academy session @tahir1413 .
We’ve planned a many more sessions for our community members even after the hackathon. Stay tuned! :wink: