API trigger management

I am trying to build a bot that fetches definitions based on user input with the help of API.

The chat should respond to the user input word and respond with an appropriate definition.
Here is the-
API: https://wordsapiv1.p.rapidapi.com/words/{{{word}}}

where {{{word}}} will be the user input entered in chat which will trigger API. ss:

I am facing difficulty in pasting the user input and triggering the API.

I went through the help documents which tell me to trigger via cloud functions (complex!) and triggering API builder is not shown.

Can anyone help?
BOT ID- x1604498422373

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This is correct. Once you are done saving the API like this, copy the API from the same dev section
( a small copy icon should appear if you click the API). It should provide a code snippet for you to consume from your Node.js code.

If this information is not clear, please reply back to this thread.

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