Bot not store value

i want to ask about this bot,
i build a cloud function, but give me no response, in the console it show the value, but not stored in UI.
so after many hours attemp with no result, i try to make a simple flow
i run a function → show it in text → run same function → show it in text
why the second function not running?
i attach the screenshot

this screenhot for function → show text → function (not giving return) → show nothing


this screenshot for, in console log it show value, but function not return anything to (str test)


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Hey @derrysusilo,
Can you please share bot access with me at
You can follow this guide to share bot access: Access Management and Roles |

you can try “OrderCustomer” Journey
when API hit with set variable, it fallback
but when you manualy try API, it success
idk why API fallback with set variable

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Can you please schedule an office hour call with me using this link? Calendly - Pratik Parmar

I need some information about this journey before I can help you further.

hi Pratik,
i thing i found the problem

the stored variable change name from “testCount” to “journey$$testCount” idk why
and the problem solved

but, i already set the scedule for calling you
can i cancel it ?
Because the problem solved
thank you ! :grin:

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Yeah @derrysusilo, you can cancel the office hour call.