Bug Hunting Monday!

We know many of you are facing some issues on the cloud.yellow.ai platform. Hence, we would like to invite you all to join us for Bug Hunting Monday.

You can join the call at 5 PM IST using this link: meet.google.com/div-gcbu-dqs

Please report your issues in the comments below.

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Hi @Pratik
Comparing two string variables is failing. I have got two string variables with same value in both and using if = condition . Its always going to else part . Checked using Ignore case enabled and disabled but still fails and goes to else part only.
It works when the compare to part is a fixed value.Does the compare to part needs to be a fixed string and not a variable ?

HI Pratik,

here are some issues that we are facing-

Read more button in carousel to show text is not working.

Hi @Pratik
Please let me know the fix for comparing string variable to another string variable which i mentioned during the call after its sorted out.
And Thanks for the session

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Sure @Rajasekar, I will update you here about that query about comparing strings.

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Hi @Pratik . Any update on the comparing strings variables ?

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I’m afraid you’ll have to use the cloud function to compare strings.
I checked with our team and they’ll be adding a functionality in the condition node to compare variables soon.

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