Cleanup client side conversation storage

Based on the user’s new session, need to clean up the client-side data and session data in the platform.

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Hey @mshaik03
When a user clicks on the home button, all session data gets deleted. Is there any specific data you want to clean up?

Yes, @Pratik. On click a home button still sees the old conversations in the web widget, need to clean up those as well and start with a clean state again.

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Got it @mshaik03
You can go to Channels > Web > Settings and disable show history.

Once it’s disabled, whenever the user refreshes the page it’ll wipe the chat history from the bot.

Hope this helps!

@Pratik it’s in a disabled state only, still on the refresh of the page history is not cleaning…

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No problem @mshaik03, can you please schedule an office hour call with me using this link: Calendly - Pratik Parmar

During this call, we can talk about any bot-building issues you might be facing on the platform.