Closing ticket not triggering event "ticket-closed"

When an agent closes a ticket it does not trigger my journey that handles the event “ticket-closed”.

I want to notify the user that the ticket was closed, and prompt the user to give feedback on the conversation with the agent.

not sure if I’m doing it correctly or someone can point me to more information on handling events like this.

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Hey @Stas_Katrechko
Can you check if the event `ticket-closed is active in the event hub?

I’ve checked in the event hub that the ticket-closed is indeed active.

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Feedback will be automatically triggered once the ticket is closed, if you’ve enabled CSAT settings. Please refer to the screenshot below to enable CSAT settings:

Otherwise, you can trigger your custom journey by creating a flow like this:

I hope this helps!

I am unable to give access to the bot.

but seems to be more of a platform issue, we raised a Jira ticket.

Stas Katrechko

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Not an issue @Stas_Katrechko. Please feel free to reach out to me if you’ve any other questions.