Cloud function code is not getting saved

The code I am writing in cloud functions is not getting saved.

Hi @Jaya_Banbah Can you share the snippet you are trying to save and also can you post the error message which you get.


Thanks for immediate response.
I am not getting any error, but the code stays in edit mode.It’s not getting saved.

Just to be sure, code gets saved on its own , right? This is my first attempt at this.

Please save the code using Ctrl+s (windows or Command+s) incase of Mac

I am working on ubuntu.Cntrl+c is not working.Command +c gets the intellisense

Cntrl+s worked.
Thank you so much.I was struggling with training.I am good for now.

Please reach out to us Incase of any queries. We would be able to guide you through.