⚠️ Deprecation Notice

Hey everyone,

in order to ensure ease of bot development + deployment of high-quality bots we are making a few changes to the way, bots are built. One of the things that have been the cause of a lot of issues in the past and source of confusion has been the following methods:

  1. app.triggerIntent
  2. app.getContext, app.clearContext
  3. app.setStep
  4. app.translate
  5. app.ai.predict or app.predict

In light of this, we’ve decided to remove these methods for all bots that will be created from 19th March 2021. As of now, this will not have any effect on existing bots and will not require any migration.

Bots created on or before 19th March 2021 will continue to work as previously expected.

We HIGHLY recommend that bots currently in development avoid using these functions as we have plans to completely deprecate these methods in a few weeks.

Our team will be hosting office hours to answer any questions you may have on the above. Will communicate the date/time soon. Thanks all!


Hey @Pratik any alternative of
app.getContext().then((c) => c.intent).catch(() => undefined);

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Please suggest alternatives for these functions.



@Jaya_Banbah, Can you share the use-case where you wish to use these functions? There are no alternatives for these functions as of now, we’d encourage you to use the flow builder UI instead.

If your use-case specifically requires these functions, we can enable it for your bot.

Hope this helps!

Hi Pratik,

Here you go.

app.getContext - for getting steps data in validators in code
app.setStep - for skipping a step,when a step is optional based on user’s input and also to set value to a particular step in case validation is successful.
app.triggerIntent - using this to trigger a journey from code based on certain conditions.

These functions are working for me as such.Just wanted to use the updated functions, in case these will not be available with later upgrades.