Dynamically Populate Quick Replies

I see there is a “fetch from” option in quick reply, so I get the impression it’s possible to dynamically populate it from a script? However I tried the sample structore, inputting it into the Quick Reply, but it didn’t work? Also how linking Quick Reply buttons to their nodes would work?

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Hey @vadimgg,

You can use the example code snippet given below to dynamically populate a Quick Reply:

return new Promise(resolve => {
      // Your logic goes here
      let response = data.variables.get_course_category.data; //this bot variable contains an API response
      ymLib.logger.log('---------- Courses final Test-----------------', {obj: response});
      let coursesList = [];
      //let {data1} = data.variables.get_course_category;
      response.forEach((element) => {
          let course ={
              title: element.name,
              text: element.id,
      let courseObj={};
      courseObj.title="Select one of the options",
      ymLib.logger.log('---------- categories final Test-----------------', {obj: courseObj});

so how do I connect the replies button to text nodes? how to display the text when button is pressed?

Can I connect a quick reply button to another quick reply?

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Unfortunately, Dynamic Quick replies can’t be connected with other nodes yet.
This is something the team is working on right now. For now, you can add intent for each button and train the bot on that.