Hackathon Queries

That’s a great question Abhishek! You can come up with any problem statement from the given categories on the website. We support 100+ integrations out of the box, so you can totally integrate Automation Anywhere if you want. :wink:

Hi, I am Niketh.
I was the only one who registered but I have a team. so is there a way for them to also register?

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Hello Niketh,
Unfortunately registration is closed now and so your team members can’t register now. However, we’ve a community of amazing developers here on YM community. You can connect with them and form a team here: Hackathon Team Formation

Hello, Maithri here
how do i get token?

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You should receive an email along with the token to join the platform hackathon.yellowmessenger.com
You can also check in the spam folder.

We will also send a guide to signup on the platform once the session is over today. Meanwhile, you can watch the session. :wink:

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Two of my teammates got the mails but remaining teammates didn’t receive any mail even in spam .

it is showing that the website can’t be reached

Hello, I couldnt access . When I tried to login it says “Incorrect login details”! I tried to give forgot password but it says “incorrect captcha”. Can you please help me with it?

We are not able to create a bot

Could you help us to crette the bot

can we change the user name as one of our teammate has entered his nickname.
is there any possible way to change the user name

Sir, I am a student currently in Btech 1st year CSE AI from Parul, I want to learn from you, and I don’t lie I am in need of money, I have some knowledge about SEO, Excell, Accounting, Web hosting, and you can consider me as a Beginer or Rookie, But I am a good learner, and I think I must learn from our community.
Plz Sir can you teach me.

hello, my registered email id for hackathon is nirbhay29@icloud.com . But I am not getting mail for resetting my password. Can you please help me set my password so that I can build a bot.

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I am unable to login @ “https://hackathon.yellowmessenger.com/user/login”. I have already signed up… but I m not able to login… Email Id is verified as well… I have even reset my password… Nothing is helpful

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Can you please share your email ID with me in personal messange?

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im not able to create the bot using the token

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sir i’m not able to login on my yellow messenger.
its showing incorrect login details.
please help

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Not an issue Masoom Ali! We’ve created a guide to help you create your first bot on the YM platform: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NLsmO4enj_hJthhWLUnZ8rwwilBIhCuD/view?usp=sharing

Please let us know if the issue persists. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Sridar!
If you’re still facing the same issue, can you please share your email?