Hackathon Team Formation

Sent! Please check your inbox :wink:

Hey , l’m willing to team up, could I be in someone’s team. Anyone there? Connect to me.

Hey , Want to team up . Just reach me if there’s a possibility.

Hey even im looking for a team. Shall we be a team :wink:

Yes, good to hear. Could you send me your mail Id

Hi I am looking for a team!

Hi everyone, I was looking for a team to join if any team need more people. I will be glad to join you.

I had mail you yesterday for formation of team with all information required to form a team. But I had not get any conformation mail to being in a team or for further steps to take to build team .

And also I had not get the mail for building a bot. We all are confused . Can you provide us any contact no. for further Queries.

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Hello everyone,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We had some technical issue. Hence bots were not responding.
It has been fixed now. You can try triggering journey…

We’ve accepted your team entry and replied on the the same email ID. Since we’ve more than 2k participants it might take some to reply to all emails. Apologies for that.

Thank you for your patience! Now you’re all ready to build your bots. :wink:

I would like to be in team, as I have not formed a team yet. Is there any vacancy?

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hi! , i would like to know how to add team members to edit and check our colloborative work , till now me and my team members have used seperate bots only , how to integrate? orusa the same bot for all members?

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During the submission you need to submit only one bot. From the configuration > Access Control you can add multiple users / developers in your bot.
Regarding team formation, whatever details you submit in the submission will be final and will be considered as your team.

Happy Hacking! :wink:

thankyou for guiding , i would also like to know:
I have a problem when asked for name in name step , i enter name but it again asks for name , when in the" next" section i have entered the next step to get the mail id .
it again and again asks for name