How to attach pdf file to bot with actual file name

I am using the new YM platform, and have used the file node feature which is working. Since it shows “Attachment” as file name hence I was looking for another way using variable name.
I have created a journey variable and tried with datatype as array and object both.

[ { “url”:“”, “options”: { “caption”:“Change beneficiary form” } } ]

and when trying to fetch this link through variable, I don’t see any link or icon in bot window…Need your help on this.

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Hey Saurabh,
You can use Dynamic Quick Replies to show file URL as a button to the user. Let me know if this isn’t something you’re looking for.

Hi Pratik, thanks for the alternative approach. while doing this through quick reply…it will be shown as shown in image which doesn’t look. It should be within chat window. Can this be achieved through variable as asked earlier in my question if yes please assist.

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In addition to previous, if user missed to click on download button and types something then this button option will be disappeared and then user has to go through same steps again to see the download pdf button.

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