How to change background Image

Hi @Pratik how can i change background image and color theme of the bot.

But as you see in the image I cannot see any widgets here.

Hi @Pratik any update on this and also one more question what would be the submission process and documents needed.

Hi @Pratik any update on the background image and customization features?

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Hey @Abhishek_Pillai,
Sorry for the delay. Web widget customization is not available for users right now. I’ll ask our team to enable it for your bot.

Hi @Pratik ,
Thank you so much for enabling for my bot.
Bot Id: x1629181098366
Once migrated can you confirm it?

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Sure, I’ll update you once web widget is enabled for your bot.

HI @Pratik can you enable the UI customization we need to complete the bot to create a demo video.

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I checked with our team and unfortunately option to change the background image is no longer available. :pensive: