How to handle deployment process?

Hi, this pavithra
I Have question, how are you planning for the deployment process?
for example in my sandbox I created many journeys, I want to deploy particular journey only, is there possible to deploy particular journey in production ?
Can you please explain in detail.

Hi Pavithra,

We have three different environments, Production,Staging,Sandbox as you know.

For deployment, you could push bot from sandbox->staging->production.

To answer your second question, if there are multiple journeys in sandbox and when you push it , all the journeys would be pushed to production. and also once moved to production, you can’t make changes to production, For making changes, You need to push from sandbox->staging->production or from staging ->production.

Other way for you second question would be to make sure that only one journey is present in the sandbox and then push to production and then you can create other journeys in the sandbox so that the production environment doesn’t get disturbed.

I hope your query is resolved.

Please let us know in case of any queries.

Thanks and Regards