How to send Images using variable

I tried by storing azure data blob URL link of an image in one variable and then used that variable in Image prompt. But getting this error. “Failed to execute dynamic images, invalid value in dynamicVariable.” How to solve this?

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Hey Darshan,

Can you please share that azure data blob URL here? Also, can you please confirm if it requires an API key/authorization to access the image?


Hi Pratik,
Here is the azure blob URL. I made it publically accessible so no need for any key or authorization.

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Hey @DarshanPatel11

When I open this URL it directly goes to Download. On the other hand, to add an image to the bot you need a link where you can see the image.

For example, this URL:

Hope this helps!

{“level”:“debug”,“log”:{“data”:“Dynamic resource of images found”,“sender”:“918488862479”,“source”:“whatsapp”,“tag”:“",“traceId”:“918488862479_undefined”},“botId”:"x1632306469977”}

{“level”:“debug”,“log”:{“data”:“Failed to execute dynamic images, invalid value in dynamicVariable.”,“sender”:“918488862479”,“source”:“whatsapp”,“tag”:"",“traceId”:“918488862479_undefined”},“botId”:“x1632306469977”}

Getting the same error again for the URL you provided

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Thank @DarshanPatel11. I’ve shared this issue with my team. Will keep you updated here.