Innovation Challenge

During the Game of Bots 2.0 hackathon, you can build a bot on any of these categories:

Category 1: Customer Experience

Customer engagement: Marketing, sales automation, customer support, etc

  • Customer experience is management is key $1.2T Digital Transformation budget (2022)
  • Trillion Dollar voice-based customer support is ripe to disrupted by AI
  • Industry solutions like Direct 2 Consumer commerce, conversational banking, insurance, healthcare etc are exploding due Covid fuelled Digital adoption

Customer support: Voice, text, IVR bots etc

  • $1T is spent on 265B customer Services calls per year
  • Conversation AI is now a proven technology to automate front office, to reduce cost and boost productivity
  • One of the main reasons chatbots are more efficient for customer support is that they are seen as more ‘human’. Engaging in conversations with your users to solve their problems in a step-by-step method has boosted customer support

Category 2: Employee Experience

Employee engagement - Marketing, HR automation

  • Average to hire a new employee was 39 days in 2016, down from 43 days in 2015. Chatbots came to rise in that very year(2016)
  • Since the arrival of chatbots, on average, HR departments spend only 1.1% of their time onboarding new employees

Enterprise automation - ITSM, Supply chain, procurement, F&A, IOT, AR/VR, etc

  • Bots can automate several time-consuming tasks for employees and will play a significant role in increasing employee productivity. The strength of these bots to gather data quickly and present information makes it a powerful tool to handle day-to-day activities for businesses.
  • From handling tasks and queries to recording important information such as salaries, leave dates and holidays, chatbots have been able to provide a quicker solution to problems faced by HR managers.

Category 3: Bot for good

Bot for a social cause

  • Conversations have often proven to be the greatest medium to settle disputes. In a world where various issues are not dealt with in society, chatbots can be the mediator and a great resource for gaining information, spreading awareness and delivering social justice.
  • Covid-19 has changed the way we interact, work and move around. Chatbots can help provide resources for those who need it or even act a mode of entertainment as we are stuck at home.

Category 4: Digital Business Model

  • eCommerce chatbot statistics show that businesses spend around $1.3 trillion on customer requests per year. With the assistance of chatbots, this expense could be reduced by 30%.
  • 43% of customers deal with their banking problems by using a chatbot rather than going to their branch (Humley, 2018)
  • Bots can save banks 4 minutes per inquiry. This means cost savings of $0.50-0.70 each time
  • Startups live ConveGenius and Babylon are taking conversation 1st approach to delivering new disruptive business model.

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