Issue in linking steps in journey

Hi ,
I have created journey and linked all steps one after the other but it’s not going according to steps . It is getting stuck in middle.
How to over come this??

Could you be more specific about how you’ve configured the steps in the journey and the step in which it is getting stuck?

I have trained for register flow , its showing confidence level to 1 . but not going to next step( “name” step).Please refer images

Thanks, Can you also send the Bot logs?, They are available in the developer section, (2nd menu on the left) when you click on Logs

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Hi Amruta, Can you provide access to the bot to the email id “
To provide access, visit the Configuration menu(6th menu on the left) and go to Access control and click new user

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I gave access to your mail , please check and inform me.

Seems like you haven’t given admin access, Click On the admin button corresponding with the email in the access control menu

I gave admin access now to your mail . please check

Hi Amrutha,
The Journey was not working since all the steps were not connected. As you can see in the previous images that the confirmation step and the noRegistration steps are isolated. To make it work you can connect all the steps or remove the connections entirely