Journey is not getting connected? Instead fall back starting

Connecting it to the journey but this message is showing on the side?

Not sure whats wrong here and the journey is not even getting triggered, instead the fall back is triggering?

Any help here?

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Hey @Dhwani

Can you please share bot access with me at


Hey, i am unable to do this, not sure why?

Can you please help me through it?

Hey @Dhwani,

You can follow this guide to share bot access with us: Access Management and Roles |

Also, I can see you’ve connected the trigger journey node for both Chat with us and Fallback. Hence, when you select Fallback it’s triggering team-member-connect node.

I still dont see it.

Am I on the wrong version? Not sure, I have done this before but today it isnt coming.

@Dhwani you can access control under More in the left sidebar.