Like "excludeParamsForSwitching" function for steps, Any function to exclude the whole intent from triggering other journeys?

People, Like excludeParamsForSwitching function which is used to stop triggering journeys by utterances for steps, Are there any cloud function in which we can declare the journey slug name instead of step slug names so that till the bot is inside the specified journey, it won’t call any other journeys ?

Hi Amudhan,

You can use the key “intentSwitchExclusions” which takes an array of intent slug names

For example:

const botOptions = {
intentSwitchExclusions: ["journey-name", "second-journey-name", ],

Via the UI, You could also configure bot options using the Tools menu by visiting Tools → App Options → Behaviour → Intent Switch Exclusions

Note: bot options when specified while calling app.start() will be given higher priority than those configured via the UI


Thanks for the reply, @Arun_V I am sure that Many People Including Me, will benefit from this :clap: :slightly_smiling_face: