Nested Journey Triggers don't come back to origin point

I have a main journey which collects user data, such as phone and address.
Getting address is a very complex step, so I broke it down into multiple journeys.
From the main “CollectUserData” journey I call “GetAddress” journey to ask for user’s address, if the “GetAddres” journey is simple, once it finish execution the flow returns to “CollectUserData” journey. However my “GetAddress” got more complicated, and I have to use a few more “Trigger Journey” nodes inside it. Now once the flow gets more than two “Trigger Journey” deep, it doesn’t come back to “CollectUserData” journey any more.

Is it a bug?

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If you’re using a trigger journey (here GetAddress) node inside a journey (here CollectUserData) it should return back to the CollectUserData journey as soon as GetAddress is executed.

and it does, however if I have another Trigger Journey inside “GetAddress”, such as “Get Pincode”, when “Get Pincode” is done executing it doesn’t return back to “CollectUserData”

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Yes @vadimgg,
After executing the journey it bot goes back to the parent journey but it won’t work with nested journeys.