November 2020 Release Notes

Service Desk

  • Canned responses are added for email ticketing and rich text format compatible.

  • On image upload by agent, a brief preview will be seen before sending.

  • Updated cloud functions for the following items

      1. Transferring a ticket
      2. Adding collaborators
      3. Function to get ticket transcript in HTML format
  • Now outbound email for end ticket email can be configured.

  • New fields added to ticket and agent reports.

Data Analytics

  • Setting to choose analytics by Business Profile Identifier.

  • Get Weekly reports on the basis of Business Profile Identifier.

  • On-Premise support for both Business Identifier and the new Dashboards.

  • Added Stepwise view of funnel on where users have dropped off.

  • Health report includes infra health and replicas information with an hour level granularity.


  • Added support for metadata filters and multiple tags in document cognition.

  • Fixed several bugs related to document cognition parser

YM Partner App

  • Notification inconsistencies are fixed.

  • Added views for events, collaborators, error message display on UI

Support Agent & Chatbot SDK

  • The agent app SDK opened from the “My Tickets” page by default. Now exposed a method to directly open a chat screen from the host app.

  • Added push notification support.

  • SDK is now in Sync with the Latest App Codebase.

  • Multiple Chatbot IDs supported for Chatbot SDK

Surveys and Engagement

Notification Engine:

Supports pushing notification without campaign & audience data for on the fly audience systems. APIs are available.

Digi Spice integration:
  1. Digi Spice is integrated with the platform for sending SMS notifications. Currently supports MSG91, Twilio and Digispace

  2. Adding a better monitoring solution for scheduler workers

AMP email for surveys:

Survey dashboard now supports AMP email surveys.


  • Now Profile can be accessed in Actions.

  • Added Whatsapp Quick Reply Auto Validator and support for multiple text aliases for each quick reply.

  • Whatsapp Orchestrator is supported with multiple numbers.

  • Added Business Profile in the Step Settings to retain user inputs such as Name, Number, Email, and Location across all journeys


  • Agent Desk Integration with Telephony using Zoiper.

  • Disconnecting the call if the bot doesn’t respond continuously for more than n times (Configurable for outbound calls).

  • The number will be automatically deleted from the bot if no usage for 30 days.

  • Telephony logs are now being pushed to Blobstore for the debugging purpose.

  • Added authentication while accessing controller’s API from Telephone server through Voice Frontend.