Problem with variables

I am facing the following issues with variables .
By default i have a variable test with value 3 saved during variable creation.

  1. When i try to output just the variable in the text response , something weird happens in the bot and it keeps showing typing icon only .It does not reply anything

  2. Printing a text with a variable prints only the text and not the variable value with it

  3. When i try to get some value from the user , it doesnt seem to be getting saved to the variable ( This isssue might to same as Variable is not storing data )

Looks like the variable is always null and not storing any data whether entered manually or via bot. Please look into these issue and let me know how to solve them.

I am facing the same issue. Has it been resolved yet?

@Rajasekar are still facing this problem on

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Hi @Pratik … I’m not facing this problem in . Variables are working properly in :+1:

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