Purpose of speech recognition

Hi Team,

What is the purpose of speech recognition?

Here one of our clients is facing an issue while uploading their app build containing yellow ai’s chatbot, on the apple app store, they encountered this issue. Apple team rejected their build stating that we failed to add a description for NSSpeechRecongnition.

Their app does not use any API which requires access to Speech Recognition.

So, please help us with the purpose of using speech recognition

Hi @Kavipreetha_S

We have a feature called speech-to-text, and this key is being used for that. If the client is not using it, they still have to add the NSSpeechRecognition in their Info plist file. There is no way we could remove it.

Please ask them to add the following code to their info plist file.

<string>Your microphone will be used to record your speech when you use the Voice feature.</string>
<string>Speech recognition will be used to determine which words you speak into this device's microphone.</string>