Replies from Live Agent doesn't reflect on WhatsApp

Hi Team, In one of my bot journey, I have included ‘chat with agent’ node.

Chat do get connected to live agent available on WhatsApp. However, when agent replies to the customer question , his/her response doesn’t reflect on WhatsApp inbox of end user.

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Can you please share a screenshot? Also, can you please share WhatsApp number to replicate this issue on my end?

Hello Pratik,

Please find attached relevant snapshot for the issue.

Also I have noticed that reply from bot on whatsapp are delayed. Is is something to do with messages getting relayed over whatsapp server?

Hi Pratik,

Any update on this.

waiting for your response.

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Hey @Murtuza_Jeeranwala
I tried recreating this issue on my end but it’s working just fine for me. Can you please share bot access with me? It seems like there’s a problem with WhatsApp configuration.

Hello Pratik, Which email address should I use to give access control.

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Ohh sorry, you can share bot access at

Hi Pratik, I have shared BOT access.

Also I need to know, what would be the way to get location from user over whatsapp.

I believe location node do not work on whatsapp channel.

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