Send pompt to another registered user and get response


I am not sure how or if this can be accomplished -

Few people will register in the bot with their whatsapp number.While another user is interacting with bot, we would like to send a prompt to these previously registered users.They can respond as and when they want.

Pls suggest.


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Can you please elaborate on the use-case @Jaya_Banbah ?

So what we are trying to do is we register people as volunteers and when somebody asks for help, we would need to send a message to the previously registered volunteers, asking their help on that particular case.We would need to get their responses back as well.responses can be checked asynchronously, and is not needed to be shared in the current chat there and then.

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Got it, I’m checking with the team if this is possible.

Hi @Jaya_Banbah ,

The above problem could be solved, if you make the volunteers as agents and use raise ticket actions node, so when a person ask for an help, you could connect to an agent and if he is not willing to do that, they could transfer to some other.

But apart from this solution, when an person asks for help and if you want to send those message to volunteers that would be possible, but mapping the response back to users would be difficult.

Since if its whatsapp, whatsapp session may expire after 24 hours, so if you wish to send the response back, you may need an whatsapp notification template…inorder to send the response back to user.

Please let us know incase of any queries.

Can you elaborate on this part pls - " when an person asks for help and if you want to send those message to volunteers that would be possible,"
Would like to do this pls.

Got it @Jaya_Banbah,

Once a user asks for help, we may have two option → either to send an email to volunteers/ or to use whatsapp notification api’s to all the volunteers.(we may need to call an API inorder to send whatsapp notification to all volunteers and all the volunteer data should be present in database). At this instance we may need to send a unique id for an users to volunteers along with the help message

If we send via notifcations, the volunteers should reply back with a response(along with that unique id which we generated at the inital part), so this message would come to the bot, we may use another notification api to send the msg back to user by mapping the unique id

But all these depends on whatsapp notifications api, which we may need to get it approved by facebook team.

Please let us know incase of any queries


Thank you @Gowtham_Kishore for such a detailed answer! :partying_face:

Thank you.We will go for sending an email for now.

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