Set Language Action Node

We have recently deployed a Set language action node. It’s very simple,

  1. Just select step/ variable from the dropdown from which the bot needs to fetch the language value after adding that node.

In most cases, I assume this would be a quick reply step like below.
So you can select this step

  1. ( That step/ variable value should be a valid Language ISO code & only languages configured with bot are allowed, else it will not do anything )
    For example, In the text field of these quick replies, the relevant ISO code of that language should be mentioned so the action node picks that up.

It will automatically set the language for bot & code is also not required in the main function to set target language each time. This language will be permanently set (currently set 2 days of expiry), unless it is being changed by the same action node only. [ Exactly similar which was being done in Change Language Template Journey, but now this can be used in any journey as it is just a new type in action node ]

Note : The language you are changing to should be configured in your bot languages already. This is how the node looks!