Show/hide/clear conversation history for user on web channel

Hello everyone,

Whenever bot loads, if user has previously interacted with the bot then conversation history is there for that user.
I want to clear conversation history OR create a fresh session for the user, when bot is loaded after a while (xyz mins OR inactivity)

Just FYI,
I have a custom authentication on a portal where bot is being integrated which is a web channel, and as per user session on parent page I am trying to manage chatbot user’s session i.e. conversation history, user attributes and information.

Kindly assist.

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Hey Karan!

You can enable “Reload Context for every load” to reset the conversation every time the webpage is reloaded.

To enable that just head over to Configuration → Channels → Web → Chat Widget → General → Reset Context for every load and enable it.

Hope this helps!

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Thankyou @Pratik for your revert.
I have tried this setting.
This will reset for every page load.

But the goal i am trying to achieve is little different, I have custom SAML IDP authentication on the web page valid for 1hr only, and user needs to be authenticated in order to access the chatbot.

If any authenticated user reloads after conversing then the past context is lost, which I don’t want.
Context should be reset only for new users.

In-short, I am trying to achieve a full session management on chatbot, and hence want to keep authenticated user’s chat history intact during active session even after page reload.

Is there any customization or configuration available for this scenario in web channel?

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