Staging not accessible by Agents

I have created a staging project where I used the Raise a ticket block. So I have invited an agent (other than me) to chat with the user. But after accepting the invitation, Agent screen will look like this.

Production version of the project is assigned to him rather than Staging. Can anyone please help me with this

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Hey @Guhan_RP

It seems like you’ve invited an agent while you were in Live mode. Can you please revoke the agent access, go back to Staging and invite the agent again?

I hope this helps!

I have tried like this, but same problem occurring again. Can you plz share another possible way…

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Hey Guhan, I’d love to get on a call and discuss this further. Can you please schedule an office hour call with me using this link? Calendly - Pratik Parmar

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Hey Guhan!

It was really nice talking to you during the office hour call. Here are the answers to all of your queries:

  1. Agents are not able to access the Development environment.

In order to access the development environment, you need to give agents developer access as well when you send an invite. I’d recommend revoking all agent’s platform access and inviting them again with developer access then they’ll be able to switch between the live and development mode.

  1. Not able to try the bot on WhatsApp
    I tried recreating this issue on my end but it’s working fine. Can you please try invoking the bot using talk to x1637730336177 phrase?

  2. Connect the external app with inbox
    If your existing app provides API endpoints then we can definitely integrate with your existing app.

Please feel free to ask any queries in the comments.

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Thanks @Pratik for your time. I tried as you said, now its working.

Hi @Pratik,
How to get response from “Raise Ticket” , we tried to get response using String,Obj,Array but it didn’t return anything not even null. So can you plz help me with this.

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To store the response from the Raise ticket action node, you need to use an Object data type variable.

Yes I have used Object datatype to store the response and used “Text” to display the data. But no output is being displayed.

You need to use this syntax {{{variables.variable_name.field_name}}} in order to print variable value in of the object data type variable.

For example, in the user_ticket object variable looks like this:

"name": "Pratik",
"email": ""

Now to access name field of this object variable, we need to use this syntax in the text message node: {{{}}}.

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

@Pratik As you mentioned I tried but I didn’t get any response from {{{variables.user_ticket}}}. I think the response is not stored in the user_ticket object itself.

Is there any other way to get complete object response from the ticket

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@Guhan_RP you can’t print whole object variable in a text message node. You need to access each field one by one using this syntax: {{{variables.variable_name.field_name}}}

The other way around would be to use the cloud function to print the variable in the logs.

return new Promise(resolve => {
      console.log("Raise Ticket Response: ", data.variables.variable_name);

@Pratik This {{{variables.variable_name.field_name}}} is used only when we got response as an object from Raise ticket, but I didn’t get any response (not even null) from raise ticket.

Another query , Even after sending the phrase talk to x1637730336177 , bot is not working in my WhatsApp, but working fine in other’s WhatsApp

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@Guhan_RP can you please share your bot access with me at I need to check the logs before I can assist you further.

@Pratik I have shared the Bot access. Please use the Test Healthcare journey. Plz check and do the needful

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Can you plz schedule an office hour call using this link? we have some queries to clarify Calendly - Guhan

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