YM Academy Day 1 QnA

Hi I login in with another mail ID Just now! but I couldnt get access to the community through that mail ID. What should I do?

Hi ! In sandbox, I enter name,description and topic But I couldnt create new bot icon.

Can you use an alternate email to sign up once again?

Bot tokens expire within the hour. We’ll assign one manually to your account.

Please check ‘invites’ tab once you’ve logged into the platform. A bot has been assigned to your registered email

I am not able to login to hackathon.yellowmessenger.com , even if I do Forgot password reset password link is not appearing in mail

mail: anirakul01@gmail.com

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Hello Aniket!
Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please let us know if you’re still facing the issue with login?

is there any expiration time for Bot tokens if i could not use it in time??

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hey…i’m not getting verification mail after registration…what i have to do…in the account creation process… :roll_eyes:

Hello Mahima!
Can you please check in the spam folder also?

Yes Jaya, the token expires in 24 hours. So you need to create the bot during that period only before the token expires.

I don’t found any result after registration there with my other e mail id

can u clarify us that how we learn ??

If there is a mistake in registration . Can you provide me with the link once again?(hackathon.yellomessenger.com)

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I created a two journeys and later deleted one journey. When I give user expressions that were not trained in my bot, it displays the response of the journey which I deleted.

And also for some user expressions that were not trained when used, it displays the response of the journey I have trained.

What should be done? Can someone help me out?

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You just need to train the bot again and reload the webpage. It’ll reset all journeys.

Yeah Soumyadeep, you can just signup again at hackathon.yellowmessenger.com with a different email ID. You can follow this guide to signup and create your first bot on YM platform.

I have tried many times but still facing that problem and also for the second query it shows 0.985 confidence but i haven’t used that user expression in my step.

i too facing the same prblm??
did u come out of it?

Nope… Iam still facing the problem.
Maybe we must try with training with more user expressions…

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Yeah Preethi! You can add more utterance and try to use different model to train.

is default journey used for only welcoming purpose or else we can create any other steps?