Can we identify from which WhatsApp number user has said Hi

We have 3 WhatsApp numbers (Numbers A, B and C) from which we send notifications to around 6000 dealers.

If a Number A customer says Hi in Number B, we need to display a fallback message as " You are not registered with us. Kindly type Hi in mobile number 1 for Number A, mobile number 2 for Number B and so on.
Can someone please tell us how do we achieve this?

you will get the user whatsApp number in sender variable available from platform and use the same for your use case.


You can have a DB of all numbers registered with Number B.
Collect {{sender}} from user irrespective of the number they’ve typed on
Check if that number exists in the botDB
if not, trigger a message with the message you’ve shared above

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actually we have to identify on ourself and we dont have any db there is a condition on which we have to divert the user to other number so we have to find to which whatsapp number a user is sending a message. for the result actually i have found that there is one field which give the number of the whatsapp which is used for getting the notification.