Condition node taking value in Arabic

We have two language in the bot English/Arabic, in one of the condition node we set values a/b but if user language is Arabic it is not validating the correct condition & goes in else condition.

Arabic language reads backwards right
so maybe it is the order of the text of cross/reference variable that is messing up the condition check.

I did test it on dummy bot and was going in else condition as well.

If It is not a prompt, why it is taking set string in Arabic in condition node?
Anyways It is just a single word ‘a’ or ‘b’ so if it is read from backward ‘a’ should be assume as ‘a’ only.

Value ‘a’ is for correct condition then why it is going to else?

hi @Prince_Bhardwaj
Can’t say much about the settings of nodes, just wanted to share my experience while testing with arabic language.