Document Cognition Support : "Need info on how to display more content for document search query"

Hi team,
When testing out document cognition bots build on cloud platform with single keyword search we are only able to get a single line output in the carrousel . (attached screenshots for reference)
image001 (1)

But while testing out bots build in app platform with single keyword search , the bot is responding with a paragraph of content in the carrousel.

Can someone please help how to enable a similar looking carrousel for document search results in the cloud platform?


@Siripurapu_Sai_Priya It depends on the document content, if the user query is similar to a header or single line, then the results will be a single line, else result is a paragraph. You can try picking some queries from paragraphs and checking.

Document cognition has different configuration options such as boosting results by headers/paragraphs, search confidence, and Acronyms. So results style will also change from bot to bot based on how they configure it.