[Engage] - Notification Engine API - Handling error for a non registered users

Customer is consuming our notification engine APIs.
They have a scenario that when they send notification to a number that is not registered on WhatsApp, they are getting msgId in response with 202 response code only. They need to do error handling in that case. But due to same response they are unable to do that.

Is there are any other field/response that they can refer to do this handling?

The Notification API is not a synchronous API which can get the Delivery status of a message sent via it as it supports multiple channels and some channels do not provide any delivery status synchronously. Hence there is a wait time till we get the delivery status on the webhook and the msgID sent on the V2 API response suggests that the call has been received by us and will be sent to the downstream services of the preferred channel on which the notification is sent(eg. WhatsApp, SMS, EMail)

Once the channel provide us the delivery status its sent back to the clients webhook configured on the Engage Module on Preference section(more info here).

So are you suggesting that they refer to the webhook status?
If yes, will the webhook status reflect the correct status? (Which field should they refer here?)

@Wasim_Laskar Please confirm.


The webhook’s event.status should have this data point which updates based on user status

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