Game of Bots 2.0: Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenge is open till next Thursday, 2nd September 11:59 PM IST

Key things to remember:

1. Grab your bot for Hackathon :robot:

  • If you’ve already signed up at you can use the blank bot that was provisioned to your account.
  • If you’ve never signed up on you can just follow this Guide.

2. Support :man_technologist:

If you require any support during the hackathon from our team members, please connect with us via our community.

  • Any announcements will be posted directly on the community. You can respond back in the same thread and we’ll answer your queries.
  • Your queries on bot building , platform, bot related debugging will be answered by our studio and platform developers.
  • In case you’re restructuring your team, you don’t need to notify us in advance. While submitting your bot, you can give us details of your team and team members. This will be final.

3. Additional information: :information_source:

How to select a category and what is expected

  • There are 4 categories within which you can submit your bot

A write up on each category can be found here

  • Select a specific or a high-level problem you’d like to solve through conversational AI
  • Build the bot and identify a way to use many features of the platform. You can also add custom integrations to the bot.

Note: You’re free to use any APIs you have access to (free/open-source APIs, as well as paid APIs).

4. Submission: :memo:

Things required:

  • Bot ID: The bot ID can be pulled from the URL itself on accessing your bot from . URL sample: [ x1629181098366 ] /overview. The part highlighted in brackets within the URL is your bot ID

  • A video walkthrough of the problem you’re trying to solve, and an explanation of the bot and its features (2 to 5 minutes)

  • (Not mandatory, but good to have) - a detailed doc with screenshots on your problem statement, your implementation strategy, why you chose the problem you chose, why you decided to omit using certain features

  • A quick write up about every member of your team, your background, if you’ve attended any hackathons priorly, why you decided to participate in our hackathon, any past experience with conversational AI, etc

How to submit the bot?

5. Our judging criteria :white_check_mark:

For the innovation challenge (2nd September):

  • Idea
  • Features and functionality
  • User experience
  • Presentation/video submission

Please reply below with any questions you may have.

Thanks and regards. Community Team

I really enjoyed the Game of Bots 2.0 and really liked the platform!

I was wondering when the winners would be announced?

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Hey Rohan,

Glad you enjoyed the Game of Bots! We’re in the process of reviewing submissions. Soon we will announce the shortlisted teams which will compete further in the Grand Finale.