Introducing Expert Bot Builder Program!

Hello, people of yellowverse!

We constantly get these queries again and again that they enjoy building bots and how they can get involved more in the community. Introducing the Expert Bot Builder program where you will get the opportunity to work for customers and even get paid for that. Sounds exciting, right? Then you can follow these steps to join us as an Expert Bot Builder.

  1. Go through Academy. Every month we will be sharing a form to attend the Academy.
  2. Build a bot on a given use case as a part of the assessment process.
  3. will connect you with customers who’re looking for an expert to build their bot!
  4. You and customers mutually decide terms and compensation for the project! :money_with_wings:
  5. Deploy the bot! :robot:

Are you interested in joining us as an Expert Bot Builder? Share your email ID as well as your bot link in the comments and we will reach out to you.

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Hi Partik-san,
I’m interested in joining as Expert Bot Builder.

My email-ID: