Get the Mobile Number of Viber & Telegram users


I have enabled my Bot on WhatsApp, Viber & Telegram.

I could retrieve the WhatsApp User’s Mobile Number using the ‘app.sender()’ but the same isn’t applicable for Viber or Telegram as they have a unique User ID.

PFB Screenshots of the same.


I need to know the Mobile Number of Viber & Telegram Users for enabling services like OTP, etc.
Kindly let me know a way to get this done.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Janani,
Two things here,

  1. Viber and telegram doesn’t expose the user’s mobile number, you need to prompt the user to enter the mobile number and send it to them
  2. app.sender is not a function, its a property instead. It can be used by simply app.sender instead of app.sender()
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