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Am try to display information as cards, using function. But images not displaying.

Here is the code am using:

image: ‘https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/87/PDF_file_icon.svg’,
actions: [{
title: ‘Download Label’,
url: data.label_url

Can someone help me, please

sir i am unable to get response after buying a item.please can you help me code is correct only.

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Hello, this is Shirisha. I am not able to create a new bot. Is there an upper cap on the number of bots that can be created?

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The cap is 1 bot per email address. You can use an alternate email address and create a new account. You’ll receive a bot token via email (please check your spam folder as well).

When the step in a journey has 3 possible output, goes in 3 diff set of questions , How to map a Step to 3 response output ?

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Even, I am facing the same issue. YM team can you, Please provide a solution for this.

But images is not loaded, while card is shown.


Yes Balaji, we’re looking into this issue. Meanwhile can you please try creating card using Bot Builder?

Awesome, thank you for instant reply and solution. The fix cleared the issue. Now its working fine.

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Hi, Can we read contents of a file which is stored as a CDN link in the YM DB. Like is there a filereader object in YM backend

@Pratik Hey how do I return a month name value from a user utterance? I have written a function but it doesn’t return a value. In the logs it is showing the required output but still there’s some error shown.

No, we don’t have such kind of an object in the backend.

Please also attach the error logs with your problem statement, it helps us to understand the problem and give you timely redressal.

I have a problem when asked for name in name step , i enter name but it again asks for name , when in the" next" section i have entered the next step to get the mail id .
it again and again asks for name

What do u expect from the video submission? like a walkthrough of the bot ?? or a walkthrough of the code and journeys??

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As mentioned in the post above, you can be as creative as you want but the video submission should include two topics

  • Problem you’re trying to solve
  • Explanation of the bot: Walkthrough the bot and how it will help you solve your problem
  • Bot features

Hope this helps. Can’t wait to see your submission!

Hello, I m Venkat I have participated in the hackathon and till now I haven’t received any mail from Accredible regarding the certificate kindly look into the issue

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Hello Venkat,
All team members who have submitted the bot for Innovation Challange received certificates. Can you please share your email ID so we can check in the database?

Yes sir my teammates have too had received the certificates. but mines not yet came.
My mail id is venk19433.ec@rmkec.ac.in
Thank you sir for your kind response.

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dear Pratik ,
I have also submitted bot based on BYOB NASCOMM training , I didnt get any certificate. my mail id is deepak.karunakaran@nestgroup.net

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Hello Deepak,
We’ve extended the bot submission deadline for BYOB till 31st December. Once the submission is closed, we will review the bots and give certificates to bot developers accordingly.