How to Deploy our BOT to JIRA ITSM portal

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We have a requirement from our new clients, need to deploy our BOT in their JIRA ITSM portal.
Please advise how to deploy our BOT, is there any BOTs deployed with the similar requirement already


This doesn’t seem like an integration, more so of a deployment
Does the portal allow for any interface to paste a <script>

@gautham JIRA portal having BOT setup option, but that will enable only JIRA’s own BOT I guess

Namaste @Mohamed_Ismail

We haven’t deployed any bot on Jira portal so far. As per this query , Jira does not allow embedding third party widgets on their portal. We might have to deploy it in their marketplace, and we do not have it in roadmap yet.

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Thanks @akshay_bhat for the clarification

@Hitesh @dedymulyadi @divyashree.venkatesh

Namaste @akshay_bhat can you go through this article and let us know whether we can deploy the chatbot in jira service portal. TIA

cc: @Hitesh @dedymulyadi @Mohamed_Ismail @divyashree.venkatesh

@akshay_bhat could you please help share an update on this cc @dedymulyadi @Mohamed_Ismail @divyashree.venkatesh

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Namaste @Hitesh

As per the link shared by @Neethish_Kannaa, the script needs to be injected in soy template file.
No change is needed from widget side. We can get help from our support team to validate this in test environment.

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Great news @akshay_bhat. Let me know in case our help is needed. cc @Mohamed_Ismail

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Namaste @Hitesh @Neethish_Kannaa

We went through instructions shared in Jira Support.

This approach only works for Atlassian’s sever or data centre platforms i.e., on-premise deployments.
They provide an option to inject custom script. However, it is not supported in cloud version. We won’t be able to test it at our end since we don’t have a server/data centre setup. For cloud version, they can install the widget from Atlassian marketplace, and our widget is currently not available.

Please check with client team and confirm if they have the setup. If yes, they can follow the instructions in above link and verify.

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