How to handle api respnose

Test number for API?

I reached the maximum number of replies on the first day.

what do you mean by test number?

api in the flow “issues with login”

Let me check. Ill come back. Please dont touch the flow for the next 15 mins.

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Please check the bot flow now and the function.

return new Promise(resolve => {
    const { apiResponse } = ymLib.args;
    let { body } = apiResponse
    body = JSON.parse(body)
    console.log(body, "apiresponse in test")
    let { school } = body;

Debugging the API showed a body in the response which was missing, which again needed to be parsed.
please console.log() every time when you are writing business logic.
We can close this.

Thank You.

Thanks a lot Subrajit_Gupta