Response after parsing API response is not stored in the selected variable

I am trying to parse the response from an API and save it in a variable to build a dynamic quick reply node. But the variable is not set with the variable.

When I run the function with Test button in the API node, it shows the response.

There is no error displayed. Please help me out.

@ Jude Osbert what is the type of variable you have used?

I have used Object type

Hey @Jude_Osbert,

If the API is already giving the response as Object, then why are you executing a function on ‘Parse API Response’?

You can directly access the API Response value through the given Object variable of API Node, without using a function on ‘Parse API Response’.

In the above screenshot, If you want to access the “url” key of API Response, you can use “{{{variables.RecentOffersList.options.0.url}}}”