I am not getting carousel cards on whatsapp

not able to see carousel on whatsapp and the flow is stopped

@Tahir_99 Can you share a screenshot of how you’ve set up the carousel card. What are the values passed and what could be the image size



over here it works

Hey @Tahir_99 have you switched the channel and set the button values for whats app as well.
You have to switch the Channel to whats app and then edit this carousel then it will work.

where can i find that setting plz guide

Refer to this screenshoot

Thanks for your reply ,but still it’s not working

Hey @Tahir_99 can you share the bot access to jayesh.rana@yellow.ai.

Access Given
Invite sent Please check

Hey @Tahir_99 check now the issue is fixed.

No Bro,
Image is not appearing
only buttons

@Tahir_99 check now.

still same issue

If u don’t mind can we have a short meet on google

Try again and before that clear the previous chat once.

Hey @Tahir_99 it is working now perfectly.

What was the problem here?