Is it possible to integrate Chatgpt with

Please provide the steps for the integration or any reference tutorial.

Hi ,
We are currently working on integrating GPT-3’s API for taking text as input and harnessing the response. What is the usecase you’re trying to achieve?

We wanted to integrate with chatgpt so that it can handle all the user friendly conversations.

Want to know the steps for integration and the api?

Can you please give examples of what you mean by 'user friendly ’ conversations?

Mostly about how siri or alexa replies to common questions like weather, tell me a joke, etc etc, we don’t want to train all the bots that we work on pjcts with common question that usually users asks for a daily basis, instead if there is a package or Chatgpt integration it would be easy to connect and handle. However, one of the clients have asked me this question whether chatgpt can be integrated or not.

Hey @Nikhitha Check out the integration doc and let us know if this helps

Hey Nikita, can you also share your answer on this thread on how customers are expecting to use GPT with

To integrate Chatgpt with do I need updated version of