Move the slider in the carousal cards

Hi team,

Is it possible to set the slider at certain position in a carousal card(array of adaptive cards) in ms teams bot, instead of starting the carousal from the first card.

Usecase: We are implementing survey forms for new joiners using adaptive cards. once the user completes first card in the survey, the carousal slider should set to next position after clicking on submit button.

Please suggest if there is any workaround to implement this.

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Hi @Chidhigi_Shravani ,
If your channel is bot framework, you have the range of adaptive cards as per MS document.
If that document doesnt have buttons to navigate to next card, then it’s not possible.

If you are working on WEB channel, then also it’s not possible I think.

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I believe this is for MS Teams
@Chidhigi_Shravani can you raise this as an internal ticket with relevant bot details.

The team working on this should be able to help