Remove white space around the image

Hi Team,
This is for Lulu customer, we are sending the image with some dynamic params like QR code and the user name,

Earlier we are just displaying the QR code directly from the image it worked fine, as attached in the above image.
We wrote an HTML for it and used the template that the customer provided as a background image.
But now the customer wants to display in a different formate, they have shared one template to utilize that, and we used that and are able to achieve it by displaying the image

One major thing we are unable to formate the image by removing white space around the image

As the customer is requesting to remove the white space around the image

Hey @srinivascr1999,

So you are creating this Image dynamically through “Generate PDF/image” UI Node right?

You are converting a HTML (Function) Input to PNG/JPEG/JPG Image Output right?

If that’s the case, You can remove these Extra Spaces through CSS on the function, which you are using to generate the HTML.

Here are some Reference Links on the same: