Slack Integration

Slack does not properly integrate with Has anyone faced this issue?

Hi @tejasvi_mangal

Can you let us know what are some of the nodes you’re looking to implement like Carousel, Multi-select.
All the nodes in our studio today are optimized around the web-widget. Mostly because the channel (in this case Slack) needs to have supporting UI for us to create the same experience.

For instance, the Date prompt won’t work on WhatsApp/FBM as a channel because of a lack of UI to support this by these channels

Thanks, Gautham. I hope you will be providing the list of prompts/messages that work with stack and which don’t and also, if possible, please provide a work around to display carousel/adaptive card in slack through

Hi @tejasvi_mangal

All the components that are enabled in the Slack Block kit can be achieved within slack. So Carousel cards are not supported at the moment.

So, I am assuming that there is no work around available to send carousel/adaptive card in slack through platform as of now.