To show a preview for redirection links in pwa bot

Hi team,

Is it possible to show a preview for redirection links instead of opening the a new tab ?.
Similar to the one in Doc Cog

Thanks and Regards

Namaste @Harshin_Balaji

We don’t have link previews. Can you share screenshot of Doc Cod results you’re referring to?

Hey @akshay_bhat I’ve tried using the below HTML code in the text node, and tried clicking on the link. I’m getting this error(SS2).

<a href="">privacy policy</a>

Namaste @Parthiban_J

We are sanitising the input, and do not allow HTML tags inside the widget due to security reasons. That’s why content is not loading.

Hey @akshay_bhat , please find the preview for doc cog.

Can you share bot link to test this?

link -

Type this sentence - “about releasing of pm order” in the bot