API call to encrypt your token failed

Hello team,

Client has implemented Mobile SDK and they want to implement Secure Authentication Workflow for Mobile SDK and they following the this Secure Authentication Workflow for Mobile SDK | yellow.ai.
They have implemented the first step successfully, At second step they are try to hit API call to encrypt the token Api is giving response has failed.

Note : bot id: x1670904520125
For your reference this is the api curl

curl --location 'https://r0.cloud.yellow.ai/api/plugin/encryptYmAuth' \
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key:X-API-Key' \
--data '{
    "ymAuthenticationToken": "AB00584",
    "botId": "x1670904520125"

And need teams help to implement this at the back end

isSecuredYmAuth : true
ymAuthSessionDurationInSec : 1800 (30min default)

CC: @Siddhartha_paul

@Kiran_Kumar_Miskin this is enabled in sandbox, and staging bots.
You need to set it up for both web, and mobile. Since web bot does not have it right now, you need to migrate it. It will break on web otherwise.

Confirm once you make changes in sandbox/staging. We will then update in production.