Issues with React Native ymAuthenticationToken


I am writing to inform you about some problems I encountered while following your documentation for react native Android manual installation. One of the issues is that you did not mention the import properly. file,

import com.reactlibrary.ymchat.YMChatPackage;

Without this ymchat module it will not functioning properly.

Another issue is that the bot chats are not loading when I use ymAuthenticationToken. I would appreciate it if you could update your docs and share the issue solution as soon as possible.


Thanks for writing to us. We want to understand if you are setting ymAuthenticationToken before startChatbot. Please share the bot-id, it will help us in RCA.

Hi @Sankalp_Gupta,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you regarding a matter that I would like to discuss with you in detail. Could you please share your email address with me? I appreciate your prompt response and cooperation. Thank you.

We regret to inform you that the email address you provided in the documents is not a valid one. The email address does not exist or is not reachable.