BOT alignment question

In clients website the BOT icon is overlapping the scroll top button in the website
Now client wants to place the BOT on top of the scroll up button in the website
Can we achieve this in bot script and its has to be handled at Client UI side

@Adithya_N_R and @akshay_bhat could you pls help here or who is the right person to contact

Hey, you could try aligning your bot to the left at Channels -> Chat widget -> Settings

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Hi @Adithya_N_R We have suggested this… But client wants to have BOT in right side…
Is it possible to update our script as per their request.
Or it cant be done for YM and client UI team should work on this
Pls advise

@Adithya_N_R @akshay_bhat Please help here

@Sangeetha_R please don’t ping specific community members for a followup. The respective teams have been notified and will get back to you with each followup.

Namaste @Sangeetha_R

From Settings Page, you can either align the bot icon to left or right side only.
If you want to have it in any specific position, custom icon needs to be developed and deployed on parent website. You can then make use of Bot functions to open the bot when users click on the icon.

This documentation contains steps to be followed, along with an example of the implementation.